Anyone up for a trip to Maine? I figured some of you may not live near the ocean and may enjoy  a virtual vaca.. So today I give some pics from our latest Maine Vaca remember you can click on them to enlarge… The way there had some still sleepy…100_3586100_3587A fairy drip castle is a must..100_3588We also attended our first bonfire on the beach..100_3589100_3593100_3594100_3597100_3598100_3600We also did our favorite scavengering for sea glass on the “rocky beach”100_3601 surfing is also a must..100_3603100_3607another first was the girls got to take the tandem out for a spin..100_3609100_3610100_3611The flowers always amaze me each year too..100_3612100_3613100_3615100_3619Somehow after this pic was taken little man “fell” in..100_3620100_3621Another day at the beach with some critters..100_3623that little guy was returned safely out in the ocean after we saw him wash up on the beach..100_3624100_3635100_3625100_3636As I took in the view I was suddenly struck with the thought “where’s Andrew?”100_3634Yup that’s him ontop of the “rocks” Here are some other views..100_3614100_3630100_3631It’s so serene to look out at the open ocean and listen to the waves and laughter of children..Bye Maine see you next year..100_3637Ahh the week left them tired for the way home too..100_3639Hope you enjoyed your trip to Maine hopefully next year I can take some even better pics. I still have to take a pic of all the sanddollars hubby and I collected I swear it was total ocd looking for the next one we searched/walked the beach one day for two hours and found 40 so I still need to unpack them and get the final count. I think I may actually have found the worlds smallest one.