100_3585Have you ever tried to hold up a queen/king size quilt yourself? Yea not so easy. This quilt has had me going in circles. It started as a small throw but kept growing and growing. It is made of all scraps from my stash and was created from an idea I saw over here ONLY I didn’t see her corrections on the template. It still worked out ok but I had to fudge some pieces to make them work. Basically there was no allowance for seam allowance. If I ever do one of these again no Blog Deb has the perfect templates.100_3582100_3583100_3584Hubby and I will get to use this on our vaca in Maine. Even though it’s far from one of my better quilts I’m still liking it. So now onto going in circles to make some choc chip cookies for the trip, finish packing, and clean the house becuase I hate coming home to it dirty. Hmmmm I may get to bed before midnight.