To say things have been crazy/stressful would be an understament. However I thought I would catch up with some pics of what we have been doing.100_3533a new wall hanging for the kids bathroom.100_3534new valance for the kids bathroom.100_3538100_3539New shower curtain in the kids bathroom..thus the need for a new wall hanging and valance. Gotta love how things snowball.100_3540New skirt for moi since you can never have to many for summer time. 100_3536100_3537a bag for moi hey you never can have enough of these either. I also have done three other commissioned bags but forgot to take pics before I delivered them.100_3535Knitted this for Sil’s birthday and she said she’s already worn it and loves it.100_3543100_3545100_3547100_3548100_3549Three fish enjoying there Grandparents pool.. The best of both worlds we get to have a pool but not have to worry about cleaning it.100_3551Pickings from our garden yummy.100_3552100_3553100_3554My new fav way to cook corn on the cob. Soak it in the sink in the husk for about 10min and than cook in the oven at about 350 degrees or on your grill for about 15-20min. It tastes so yummy and you have one less pot to clean, plus it is soooo easy to husk this way too.100_3557100_3558100_3559Hubby, tweeny, and I went away on Sunday for a road trip since the other two had scammed sleep overs the night before during hubbys forthieth b-day party.  This waterful was even amazing in the rain.100_3560100_3563100_3570100_3571100_3573100_3574100_3575100_3569Princess and my niece did the kids min tri the other night which was the first time for princess. She did one lap of the swim, four miles on the bike, and a one in half mile run in 48 min. I’m very impressed and the girls had there grandparents, parents, siblings, and aunts and uncles there to cheer them on.Way to go girls I’m so proud of you both. The next night on Tues hubby and I enjoyed a 14mile bike ride alone since it was his birthday and than a nice evening out to dinner. Tweeny babysat and since we had a huge family party on the weekend know one minded that we went off alone for awhile.100_3576These socks were just finished and are going to my Dad for his birthday.100_3577Finished these Bella Mitts for tweeny.100_3579A purl scarf to match my rhinebeck sweater.100_3580My first really open weave scarf that I can’t wait to wear, maybe it will make it’s debut in Maine.So as you can see with stress comes productivity. I also have been trying to finish up a quilt for hubby and I to use on vacation and yes we leave in two days. It’s just about done but it’s been nothing but a headache since I started it. Sneak peak 100_3555Tomorrow I’m hoping to reveal the whole quilt to you, after all it has to be packed for the trip.