Shabby Chic…100_3524100_3525100_3526This was a quilt that my Mom had commissioned me to make for her to give to one of her neighbors. Well she liked it so much she kept it for herself. I told her now she knows how I feel when I make bags I just want to use them all. It is now residing in her “victorian” room. My Mother should have been an interior decorator because her house is like something out of a magazine. Here are some other not to shabby things we saw over the weekend while out on our boat.100_3511This house is currently for sale for the lovely price of 15million. Yes you did read that correctly. It is currently owned by a Gynecologist in town, apperently the delivering baby business is booming.100_3513If you look real close this house has some visitors on the lawn.100_3514This house I lived in for a few years growing up. My parents sold it 23 years ago and they haven’t changed A THING in that time. I mean nothing, wall-paper, carpet, they even wanted our curtains. What a shame since when we owned it the landscaping was beautiful. I don’t even know what they did with the dock. CRAZY.100_3515This was our family lake house that sold last year. I miss it so much but seeing how they’re keeping it and what they’ve changed makes me not so sad (I don’t like the changes) but everyone has they’re own taste and it’s still a beautiful home with MANY memories.100_3516I always have thought this house looks really cool and look they even have the Statue Of Liberty.100_3517Here’s a house that was re-done within the last few years. If you click on the image to see it better I just love there stone steps. We also had some not to shabby sibling bonding.100_3519100_3522100_3521all in all things haven’t been to shabby around here. Today is going to be ANOTHER overcast/rainy day shocker I know but it has me seeing circles.100_3527100_3528Can you guess what I’m working on now? Hope you enojoyed your not so shabby tour.