Since summer has been VERY slow arriving I have had many days inside to get some things made. First up is my “Rhinbeck” Sweater. I love, love, love, this yarn and have some extra to make some more goodies with BUT this sweater is to be hopefully worn this October at Rhinebeck.100_3496100_3497So here’s the specs if your interested in making one of these too….. Pattern.. Lion Brand top down Cardigan, no seaming and is also a free down load. Yarn… James C Brett Marble Chunky three skeins for size small and I have almost a full skein left..Needles are a size 10.5  29″ circ’s and 10.5 dpn. I changed the length on the body and sleeves and I did a med size for the sleeves. I also used “metal” buttons for some bling as the wooden just didn’t do it for me.. Sweater number two I saw over at Philigry and fell in love with it.100_3492100_3493100_3495I love how this feels on.This pattern is the Karate Sweater which  can be found in the Twinkles Big City Knits book which has some other goodies I intend on making but this was done with I think four skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease thick and quick on size 35 needles (I couldn’t find 36) it came out fine and I did the smallest size I left off the belt loops so that if I don’t want to wear a belt the loops won’t bug me.It only took three days to knit up and would have been done sooner but when I sewed the sleeve in I sewed it the wrong way and than pulled it out by accident. I don’t have good luck with sleeves since EVERY sweater so far I’ve had to do something different on. However it is worth going back to fix…. It seemed to “grow” a bit when blocked which was fine by me but others may want to be more careful. Hubby actually likes both of these sweaters so hey that’s a plus. I also have made up some bags Side one…100_3498Side Two….100_3499There were two more of these but they have already been bought and gone to there new homes. I hope to get them on Etsy soon but if you want one before I get to that just drop me an  email. I also have made two back packs with names on them but they’re already gone and have one more on order so the rain has come in handy for some things. Today the sun did appear which allowed us our mini photo shoot but the temps were to chilly for swimming. The kids and I actually went on an eight mile bike ride which helped loosen my legs up from yesterdays 13mile bike ride with hubby which went a considerable amount faster. Tomorrow I’m hoping to sneak out by myself for another good work out..One more thing before I sign off for some quilting time, when tweeny and I headed out side for our photo shoot someone wanted to come inside with a playmate..100_3491 Now he’s snuck in once before which left for some screams so now we are very careful if we know he got out. I was able to get “chippy” out of his mouth without any harm and man did he run away fast while Sky Sky got quickly ushered inside…yuck… Thankfully we saved another chippy from a declawed kitty..100_3490