So to fill you in on what I’ve been sewing let me start with my Spring Blooms Mini Swap…100_3472100_3473I hope my partner likes it. It makes me think of spring and the fabric was so cheery to work with during all the rain the northeast has been having for the last two weeks.I also got to try out one of the decorative stitches that I hadn’t used on my Janome.

I finished the teachers gifts so the kiddies can hand them out tomorrow since they only go for an hour on Thursday crazy I know but atleast it will get everyone up and dressed early. This year they’re getting towels with there names on it…100_3474And of course my new fav bag…100_3475100_3476I finally feel more realxed and caught up. Truck boy has requested some more shorts and I have a some summer wear requests for myself not to mention a few quilts I want to make AND now that school is almost done and all the requirements are met I see some productivity in the VERY near future. We also found out minutes ago that Princess has been asked to sing in our area Symphony/Orchastra Holiday Concert.WOW. Way to go Lyssey. At nine years old it amazes me the confidence she has and is able to get up and perform in front of large groups. She will start rehersals in Sept on a weekly basis for ninety minutes every Monday until the beginning of December… I guess we know what her fall activity is going to be. I let each child pick only one sport/activity a season so this is hers I can’t wait to hear how they sound… Until than I will enjoy her singing around the house, in the car, in the shower, and wherever else we happen to be when she feels like belting out a tune. HMMM I wonder if I can make a pair of short for truck boy before dinner?….