Good Bye old friend…..100_3460

Last Thursday night Hubby and I held Bismarck as he went to sleep for the last time. It was truly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and I am now left with great sadness. I can’t imagine anyone who has ever lost a child and while some may not understand, losing him feels like losing one of my children. He was such a HUGE part of our family. Hubby and I brought him home the day after we came home from our honeymoon 14yrs ago, he was our FIRST baby. While we know that it was time to say goodbye it doesn’t make the pain any less. One of the hardest parts is not seeing him when I walk into our bedroom since that’s where he was always laying. I miss that big block head who was always so intune to my emotions and the clunking he would make walking on the hardwood floors. Thankfully Xena is still eating and hasn’t gotten to depressed. She has looked for him and so has Skyler but we are trying to give them some extra attention.  We had a Birthday party for Tween one Friday night so that helped keep our minds of things and helped stop some of the tears. However every once in awhile I feel like I was sucker punched and the tears start again. I know over time it will get easier but Bismarck will never be forgotten. Good bye my best friend I will miss you and you were such a great dog and friend thank you for the last 14yrs love Mommy….100_0874100_2991100_2990100_1608