Growing…Seems to be alot of this going on lately. In between the nasty haze of pollen that we get this time of year to the point you don’t even want to be outside we have spied some things Growing.100_3422100_3421Daily checks are being made to see who can spy the first site of the seedlings we planted. The Fall for Rhinebeck Sweater can also be seen Growing.100_3420These colors remind me of what the mountains looked like during the festival. I hope it’s cold enough this year for me to wear it. I also have a bag, scarf, and fingerless gloves to make which of course will compliment the sweater. Here’s something else that has a lot of  Growing to still do.100_3423We only have a few more softball games left so hopefully I can finish it while watching those.Tomorrow is our bi-annual guild show, so I’m thinking I need to go and “grow” a new blouse for the special occasion. Hey any excuse to make something new to wear. What have you got Growing? I now there’s people out there so how about coming out of the shadows.