I think I’m starting to see the light at the end of the spring/softball haze. I have been able to get lots of knitting time in since we are at the ball field daily. Sadly my quilting has taken a back seat. I also have been exercising daily about 3miles a day and hubby and I were able to get out alone and do a 20mile bike ride. He was quite impressed that he didn’t get swore at once. At least out loud.lol. He likes to find hills which are really not my fav but I was very proud of myself that I made it thru and felt pretty good. So all of those miles walking that no blog Marney and I have been doing and the elliptical on rainy days have finally payed off.  We attended the annual Memorial parade which was fantastic and watched the tween one march in the band and princess ride in a truck for softball. Truck boy got to sit with us while sipping a Starbucks. Here’s what I finished recently.100_3408It was made with Berroco Comfort color 9703. The pattern is called the Eyelet Skirt from Kat Coyle it’s a freebie on Ravelry. I shortened it a bit and am very happy with it. I see this being one of my new favorite skirts to wear. I also finished the “first sock” for one of the men in my family and started a sweater for Rhinebeck. Maybe a sneak peak of that in the near future. Other than that I spread the manure in the garden this morning since truck boy is anxiously waiting to plant things he can watch grow and eat.100_3413Here he is cleaning it out I think he may be upset the manure job is done but oh well. Notice his outfit? His number 6 shirt and shorts made from the leftover booty bags from his birthday.100_3418princess is the one pointing.100_3416Tween one is playing the flute third row from the right all the way over to the right next to the girl with dark hair.100_3402She’s finally loving some color.100_3412Not sure what this about but this is his new sleeping spot.100_3414This one is just plain odd. Happy Spring everyone and here’s counting down to quieter well maybe not quieter but calmer days.