My Felted bag arrived the other day from the swap I did on Ravelry and to say I’m in awe is a total understatment. I LOVE this bag and all the goodies she put inside. She even dyed the yarn herself which was her first attempt at that and also her first time making a felted bag. This girl has talent. Check this baby out.100_3385100_3386100_3387100_3388100_3390100_3391The note cards have patterns on them and are very cool. I think I’m going to make a scarf from the yarn and everyone at my LYS loved everything and was very intrigued by the yarn since they hadn’t seen it before. Not sure if she got it over seas or what. We’ve been buried here in ball games, an hour and half band concert, and tonight hubby and I get to enjoy dinner out alone while the two little ones are with the grandparents and the tween one has a dinner to go to for a play she helped write and than hubby and I get to go to the theater to watch it. Supposedly there are actors from NYC that are performing these plays and one of them is even in the the Angelina Jolie movie that was being partially filmed in Albany NY so we are excited for a fun evening out. It’s rainy and dreary today so no walking outside, maybe I will hop on the elliptical or just call it a day of rest. I also have some funky fabric to be made into a dress for tomorrows mothers tea with truck boy. Guess I better get sewing.