I am totally loving the Weekend Stitches book. Here’s my first attempt at the Summer Blouse and Head Scarf.100_3368I really like how it feels on but not sure if I like the look. I think I like it. I ended up taking it WAY in on the sides since it was just to wide for me and I didn’t want it to have that maternityish look. I think I was succesful especially since the tween one approved after the alterations were done.100_3372Truck boy was my photographer and had to make sure to “smooth”out the back so it layed just right.lol. He is actually pretty good at taking pics. Hey T notice the jeans? They’re the nightmare one’s from Christmas and now with all the miles I have been putting in I actually can button them and they’re pretty comfy. Talk about an incentive since SOMEONE had thrown away the receipt and I was stuck with these nice pair of Seven Jeans which aren’t exactly inexpensive. So all in all it worked out.100_3370Love the head scarf but next time I will make the elastic a wee bit longer. So this was my outfit for the fields today and I think another blouse is in order but if you have suggestions for changes I’m listening. Last night after making these goodies I went to check the kids at midnight as I wandered to bed and came across this.100_3364Apparently his Thomas train table not only works for trains, and playing backugan on but it is also a bed. HUH?100_3365Princess and him wanted to have a “sleepover” and somehow she got his bed. Well being the mean Mama I transfered everyone back to there own beds and of course had to hear ALL about it this morning. This is how they had made the table up.100_3367100_3366Therma rest on the bottom, followed by a sleeping bag which truck boy was on and than covered with another sleeping bag. He was so sweaty I couldn’t imagine how he would of lasted the night. I leave you with some pics of his first t ball game and than off to feed the little munchkins and possibly make another blouse.100_3373100_3375100_3376100_3379100_3383100_3371