Wow I can’t believe my baby is already six. It truly amazes me how quickly the years just past on by. I’ve been completely immersed in Birthday/parties preparations on top of having three kids playing little league. Somehow we managed to have NOTHING tonight. It’s been over a week of softball every night including Sunday. SO little man is sooo excited to be able to have a play-date on his birthday and have a nice family dinner of shrimp scampi (his request) followed by a trip to our local soft serve ice cream place where he can get a cone with blue dip. Which is something he never is allowed to get. Plus it gets me off the hook of having to make a third cake or another batch of cupcakes. We’ve had the friend party, family party, and of course the school snack of cupcakes was taking in today. They were finished last night at 10pm.ugh. So here’s some pics of what I’ve made for his special days.100_3306Booty bags for the friend pirate party.100_3308Cake for the friend party. That icing was a pita to work with.100_3321A pirate pinata was a must.100_3338Daddy Pirate was leading them on a treasure hunt which is when they got there booty bags with there names embroidered on them. For the pinata I bought the plastic goody bags pirate themed of course and than stuffed them with pinata goodies sharpied there names on them and than stuffed them in the pirate. That way they had to look for the bag with there name on it and know one was left crying that someone grabbed more goodies than them. They all seemed to love this idea.100_3344Skyler felt the need to keep an eye on everything. 100_3345Cake number two for the family party. This icing was much better to work with.100_3348100_3351He has been pestering me to make him one of these so he had been collecting them in his lunch box. He was so excited to take it to school today. Of course we had a little incident with a classroom aide that is a total nasty bitch I mean that I don’t like. I heard his friends saying how cool the bag was and they liked it and he was all excited to say yea my Mom made it and I heard her say no I’ve seen them in the stores and he looked at his friend and said she did make it and then the wench had the nerve to say again come on no she didn’t. Thankfully I heard this and I walked over trying really hard not to get the Mama bitch on and said as nicely as I could, well actually your wrong and I did make it, I sell them and have been making them for as far back as when his oldest sister was in this class. She shut right up. This is not the first time she’s done something like this to my kids and others and there have been many complaints so to hear her do this type of behavior again especially on his special day just pissed me off. So I will be bringing it to his teachers attention after school and have a feeling that she’s not going to be very happy either. I just don’t understand how an adult can act like that toward a child. Get a hobby. Ok back to the 100_3352100_3358Mama made goodies he got. He loved his shirt and couldn’t wait to put it on. I hope to get a pic when he gets home from school but have a feeling it may have some icing on it by then. I guess I probably should of told the wench that I “made” his shirt you really think he was going in with “plain” cupcakes.100_3356100_3357Tweeny couldn’t be bothered with a group pic so at least we got these. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of my Birthday boy when I was out walking/abusing with my friend no blog Marney but he wasn’t near the window as we passed by. We did see a few classmates though. I have been faithfully working out and eating healthy. We did three miles the other day with lots of hills and today did an hour so we’re guessing we did close to four  in a half  five miles.  It’s nice to have someone to keep me company even if she does whine I’m beating on her. Finally I’m not the one who’s doing the But we do have a great time and I’m starting to see some results FINALLY. So Happy Birthday my sweet six year old!!!

Tomorrow I will show the quilt pics as I’m hoping to deliver it tonight.