I’m still here “barely”. The kids have been off from School since last Friday. Thankfully the weather has been perfect for them to be outside.  I have been working out every day which is somtimes tricky with them home ALL day. Somedays I have walked outside which is when I realized that our neighborhood is set on a hill know matter which direction you go. Other days I have abused the elliptical while catching up on some tv. Easter has come and gone and the sugar highs are finally returning to normal. We enjoyed a great dinner at our fav Mexican Resturant, did some annual spring break shopping, had little league practice with two of the three kids and today I’m feeling a little wiped. Hmmm I wonder why. I have found some time for me and have finished my neck warmer and another bag. I also have a baby quilt top almost done which I hope to share in a few days. SO here’ s the best part the pics.100_3280Good thing I saw him in there before I close the door.100_32861The kids were in bed and I got to enjoy some tea in my new very cool “knitted”mug and some biscotti. 100_3287How cool is that?100_3290Here’s my newest bag made using Laminated cotton and Oil cloth. If you have to have it jump over here and it could be yours. 100_3293my neckwarmer that I made from the pattern that came in my Coffee Swap. I really love the look of it.100_3292Tweeny did the modeling. I think I like it better on her than me. I’m used to having things tight around my neck and this isn’t that way but I’m hoping to get used to it since I love how it knitted up. Who knows it just might come in handy at one of the upcoming little league games.0411091854Somebody over indulged. He actually over indulged in playing outside so much so that he fell asleep on the table after eating his tacos. The opportunity was just to good to pass up on posing him. The tables near by were hysterical watching us and he was in such a deep sleep he never even felt us put his coat on or carry him to the car. To be that young again. I think I’m going to try and catch a quick nap before it’s time to make dinner. Only two more days till they go back to school. Yipppeee,oh I mean sooo sad.