As promised here’s the fabric I purchased the other day. 100_3274It’s all laminated fabric that I have some big bag plans for. I also finished another one of these view 1100_3275view 2100_3276Love that Heater Bailey fabric. This is going to be listed in the shop. I also finished my flip flop socks.100_3277100_3278Yes feet are ugly but the socks make them look a little better. Next time I would like to make them a little longer and higher. Basically what I did was use your sock pattern of choice than do a k2p2 ribbing for 12 rounds, do 4 rounds of stockinette stitch and go right into your heel. After you have turned the heel decreased your gussett than knit in stockinette until desired length of foot. I will do 6 1/2 inches which is about a womans 7 1/2 to 8 than do 3rounds of k2p2 bind off loosely in the k2p2 pattern. Weave in your ends grab a pair of flip flops and wear those socks!!! Yarn was one ball of Bernat sox yarn, color is 42416. Reminds me of spring colors or Easter colors. Now I just have to make some more for my girls.