I LOVE when there’s a rainy Sunday. No I don’t want one all the time but once in awhile they’re just perfect. Reasons: We are forced for some down time, movie watching as a family is a special treat, and sewing, sewing, sewing. Yesterday all of the above was accomplished and it was just perfect.Before I show you what was accomplished yesterday I finished these and love them.100_3244 I also made

biscotti and was surprised on how easy they are to make and of course they were very tasty.100_3243the recipe can be found over at all-recipes.com.  I think they lasted in the house for two days even the kids loved them.This little girl had her own rainy day fun.100_3245100_3246Pretty impressive for her first time winding. She was rewarded with this.100_3249Hopefully it will warm up and she can wear it with some leggings and t shirt. She loves how it came out but was sad that it was rainy and in the 40’s today. Little man was feeling left out so since he’s now on a dinosaur kick he was very pleased with this.100_3248100_3247I’m sure the long sleeve shirt won’t stay on long at school especially since he has gym today. I also have been working on my knitted bag that just keeps growing and growing.100_3250 Today I’ve got two bags cut out that I”m hoping to finish. We will see. It’s rainy again today so sometimes knitting on the couch with a hot cup of tea is more enticing. I also have a quilt waiting to be quilted hmmm maybe I should set that as a goal to finish before next Monday.