Yesterday I mentioned budgeting time so I could get some sewing done. Well it worked. Yesterday afterschool while the kids enjoyed the sunshine I re-bonded with my sewing machine and serger. Here’s what I ended up with.But first keep in mind it was now bedtime when the pictures were taken so they’re not the best. First up princess had to have a skirt with my left over fabric.100_3232 She was loving the picture taking.100_3233See the matching hair scrunchies? But wait we realized we forgot a certain accessorie.100_3236Her Boots or “clanks” as she calls them because they make “clanky” noises when she walks. She was very happy to go to school today and even noticed that her coat and school bag were green to and matched perfectly. I love the simple things that make them happy. I would gladly sew her anything rather than going out to buy a new toy. Here’s by blouse I made. Of course I didn’t wash the fabric first so I know that it will shrink a little but that’s ok. I was told I had to “model” a few differnt looks. 100_3238Tucked in with a belt. The color is a little off but you get the idea. I think I would also like a different belt with it.100_3240Untucked which I think I will like better with maybe a skirt or shirts and no long sleeve t underneath when the weather warms up.100_32411Belted which I’m not sure I like. I do like the blouse and love the fabric so here’s to some springy weather. I also made some more progress on the “socks” and am hoping they are done before bedtime tonight.100_3242See almost there only one more inch and than I can decrease. Today on the schedule is my morning knitting group and later I have a bag to finish and I’m thinking some quilting. This guy also kept sticking his face in front of the camera100_3235Isn’t he cute?