100_3218How can it be that she’s nine already? She’s such a sweet, happy, thoughtful, loving, and sometimes VERY loud little sweetie. She’s also our little drama girl. Over the weekend we had a surprise party for her with a “rock star” theme.100_3174100_3183100_3191100_3211100_3212100_3215100_3217100_3221Lot’s of sugar was had over the weekend. Gramma and Pop snuck in and decorated while we were off at Justice for the party where they got make overs, did LOTS of dancing, and some limbo and other games. What a great party that I highly recommend. We than came back to the house with three of her friends had a great cake that Gramma had made. After all the friends left the family/cousins arrived and her dessert of choice was a waffle cone bowl filled with Ice cream. But wait we than had to have a cake for school today so she could celebrate with all her friends on her actual Birthday so last night after quilting with some friends I made her the polka dot cake and her number nine shirt. She had a great day and felt very stylish wearing her new “Charissa” dress from the American Girl Doll line and was also lucky to get the Charissa doll too. Of course that picture of her and her doll matching wasn’t to be taken today since the temps got to be in the high fiftys so she immediately changed into some play clothes after school so she could ride her bike.  That in it self seems odd since the night she was born we had a snow storm that had schools cancelled the next day. March is defiently a unpredictable month with weather.Happy Birthday Lyssey and I hope you have a rocking year!!