Before washing100_3165100_3166100_3167After washing100_3168100_3169Not sure if you can see the difference but it now has the soft feeling and crinkly look. I’m always torn as to wash or not before giving but since this is going to the younger kids school for the raffle I wanted to make sure the fabrics weren’t going to “run”. Hopefully it will be a hit it was just a really quick and easy quilt to whip up and I feel a little guilty for not doing something more intricute but hoepfully this will still be a hit. Next up is a bag for donation as well. Unfortuately the needles have been calling “yelling” to me.100_3170I’m really liking this method so far and I like how they will be EXACTLY the same size/length when done. Hey T you better get your order in for next Christmas. Time for some exercise and than Birthday shopping for my little princess who will turn 9 on the 16th. I wish I could figure out how to knit and do the elliptical at the same Oh well the time passes faster while watching Guiding Light at least I can justify/admit watching a soap since I”m excercising at the same