Yea a little boring on the title but oh well. So far it’s been a productive morning. Kids all got up early and off to school without much urging on my part to hurry up. I was totally shocked with the time change messing everyone up but hey I’m not going to complain. I’ve cleaned, exercised, done laundry which is never ending, and even knit a few rounds on my current sock project. We were spoiled over the weekend with temps in the 40 -50’s range but that ended quick.Today is dreary with some snow/sleet falling. However spring is coming. I do love spring but hate the mud that comes a long with it. I can often be seen sporting some rain boots as I hate wet feet/shoes and muddy feet/shoes/and bottom of your pants feeling. So here’s what I accomplished last week.100_31551100_3157100_3158100_3159100_3160100_3162100_3163100_3161

A new bag set for myself, finished another pair of socks this pair was made for Michelle Obama’s sock the vote yarn, started another pair of socks on two circs my first attempt at knitting them this way, so far so good. Cast on another pair of Bella Mittens for the tween one, and have already finished the book above and started the last in the series. Beverly Lewis writes with such detail you can visualize everything.  Also if you don’t know it I love anything dealing with the Amish and someday will go and visit. I also am attaching the binding on a quilt which will go to the kids school fair/fundrasier I will post a pic when all done. It’s snowing buckets out now so off for some crafting therapy and something  hot to drink.

Amended this was coming up the street just after I pushed publish.100_3164If you look close you can see the sleetey mess being pushed out of the way.ugh.