I so/sew need more time. I’m finding that I have just to much I want to accomplish and can’t find the hours to do them. Thankfully I’m feeling more myself so hopefully that will help in being more productive. This morning was spent in little mans room for three hours cleaning it and organizing and throwing away things. The whole time I kept thinking I could be quilting or knittng. BUT his room looks great and that’s one major thing checked off my list. Next up is cleaning my sewing room and family room. I do feel more energized after things are neat and tidy. I have a bag all cut and ready to be sewn which I’m hoping to get to sometime this afternoon. I only accomplished this last week.100_3146A new dog bed cover for the old dog.  I used the template from his old L.L.Bean cover and bought some home dec weight fabric at Jo-Anns. This one actually matches the rest of our bedroom which is where he spends most of his time.100_3147He couldn’t wait to get up on it and yes he is very spoiled, he has his own couch with his bed on that. He loves the cover and smothered me with many kisses. He may be almost 14 but he still has some puppy left in him. I also finished these Bella Mitts.100_3149100_3150100_3151100_3152The lighting wasn’t the greatest but tweeny wanted to model them. She is now patiently(NOT) waiting for her pair which I will be doing in grey Peruvia yarn. It’s snowy out and I have errands to do before getting the kids. Yuck. I don’t really mind driving in the snow it’s the other people that make me nervous. Thankfully my Pilot goes thru just about anything.