Whew the kids finally went back to school today after being home for winter break. Thankfully the week wasn’t to long and we accomplished a lot. First we skiied for four days straight which left everyone feeling tired but refreshed.100_3131I love this shot of all of us together. Of course how good can you really look in ski clothes and helmuts but hey everyone was happy. Of course the little guy has to be reminded to turn and can often be heard squealing as he’s bombing down the mountain. Well two of the four days I had taken the kids myself skiing which was fun but on Wed my lovely sinus infection decided to knock me for a loop and I never moved off the couch. Thankfully everyone else was happy to cuddle on the couch and watch some movies and have popcorn. The rest of vacation we spent having playdates and staying around the house. The weather got to be a little iffy to ski and since I was still feeling quite terrible  we figured we would leave skiing for this coming weekend or after school one day. Now that we have a system we are able to get dressed and get there fairly quickly. SOOOO with all that time around the house I was able to finish 100_3138100_3141my black and white scarf. Pattern One-Skein scarf from you guessed it the One-Skein Wonders book yarn is Lang Maxi 7772 2 balls on size 10 needles. My LYS was doing a challenge but unfortunately it was last Wed night when I wasn’t feeling well and we also had a snow storm to add to it all.100_3137One of my Michelle Obama’s socks, second one on the needles as we speak. I so love this yarn.I also finished some Dear Jane blocks, my my these are tiny100_3145I’m trying to use up my scraps and I’m thinking a throw size at the biggest for this project I may even end up with just a wall hanging. I also finished my Four Season Swap100_3142100_31431100_3144Hopefully my partner will enjoy it as much as I do. I hate to see this one go. Since the kiddies are all tucked into there beds I think I’m going to work on the Bella mitts I started today. I LOVE how these look and hope mine come out as nice. Not to mention I’m counting down to the release of the movie on dvd. Off to knit happy crafting oh yea how about de lurking for me.