Hmmm… February is uaually one of my least favorite months. So this year I’m determined to make it a little more enjoyable. One way is watching the sun shine on the few days it actually chooses to make an appearance. Being outside with my family when the weather permits which is a sure way for a better outlook. Baking, Quilting, Knitting, Reading, and Blogging are also great ways to help survive this month. I’m still working on my knitted sweater/tank so no more sneak peaks until it’s done. However here’s a peak of my four seasons quilt that I’ve been working on.100_3123Paper Pieced log cabins and I’m planning on some applique once the top is done.  So, so far we are surving February and loving it. Skiied all weekend and Saturday we went out for dinner with all the kids, cousins and grandparents and enjoyed some very tasty Margaritas to the point when truck boy spilt his juice ALL OVER it was really no big Yes ski all day and have some Margarita’s in the evening make for one survival must do.100_3115100_3116100_3117100_3118100_3119100_3121100_3114100_3113

With a ski area only two miles from the house and now having all three kids able to ski almost every trail I see some more weekend bonding in our future. Truck boy also has been finding things to do when we can’t get outside do to some cold cold days so he has been making ramps using his surf board left over from the talent show.Next week maybe I can be in one of the ski pics or maybe get lucky enough to have someone else take a pic of all of us. Time to get some quilting and knitting in before the kids have to be picked up from school since that’s another way to stay sane and get thru this month.What are you doing to stay sane in February?