Last night was supposed to be the two little one’s talent show. WELL a few minutes into the evening this really awful electrical smell was very evident. Everyone in the audience was starting to look around and the murmuring began. Only one of my three children the oldest was actually sitting with us at the time. Yup you guessed it the fire alarm started blaring. It was in the teens outside so thankfully I thought to grab my purse and our coats before heading out the exits, while I was shouting to hubby to find the little guy since he was closest to where he was sitting. I new the princess would know what to do. I was one of the last to leave the gym so I new that my children were outside after I asked one of the other moms where my son was she said that hubby did grab him. After a few stressful moments I found everyone safe and sound. Princess was understandably shaken and teary eyed and thankfully a parent had loaned her a coat since she was in her costume which was short sleeved and a skirt. Truck boy was in a bathing suit and t shirt so luckily hubby had him all wrapped up too. Apparently there had been a small fire behind stage and thankfully one of the parents who was a firefighter pulled the alarm and was able to get the fire out before to much damage was done. It still smelled today but thankfully everyone got out quickly and orderly. One problem is parking for events at our school isn’t the greatest so people were parked to close to the fire lane so the six or so trucks that showed up had a hard time getting near the school.100_3094100_30932Needless to say the show has been postponed for next week. To say it was nerve wracking would be correct. When we actually got in the car to go home it all settled in and thankfully it all worked out ok. On another note a friend of mine lost her house last week to a fire and a benefit is being held for them tonight. A friend mentioned that she lost all her jewelry among everything else so I made her this100_3095100_3097and hubby and I also gave them a gift card to target to help replenish some of there lost items. I drove by the house today and it was so sad to see the devestation but thankfully they all got out safe. On a happier note here are my sock the vote Palin socks.100_3098100_3101Yikes my legs are white. Next up are some anklet socks.