Wow did we get a lot of snow  yesterday!! The kids were home but thankfully enjoyed playing outside for most of the day. I actually was able to get some things accomplished. Binding on the quilt done, hung on the wall done.100_3078I LOVE how this came out and I really LOVE how it looks hanging.100_3079I also started Leslies newest hat and finished it with left over yarn from my” Rhinebeck Sweater”.I added a few extra “ridges”.100_3086100_3089I finished it last night while watching Lost (don’t even get me started on that show) Twisted but addicting. Anyway it was to dark to take a pic and of course everyone was already gone for the day when I rememeberd to take a pic today so this is what I got. I also finished my Sara Palin socks but defientely need someone else to make the picture do them justice. Hopefully tomorrow. Here’s what I’m working on now.100_3090It’s in the Tweed Collection 2nd edition book by Tahkis Yarns. I’m doing it up in a 50% Alpaca and 50%wool yarn by Green Mountain Spinnery. The picture in the book doesn’t do it justice I’m thinking a long sleeve shirt underneath instead of a blouse is more my style and I’ve even seen it worn as a “tank”in warmer weather. Not sure if it will be to itchy for that but we will see. Yesterday wasn’t just filled with crafting I also made two loaves of my family’s favorite bread the Amish White Bread.100_3080Oatmeal choc chip cookies100_3081The tween one made some fruit salsa that she learned how to make in her Home and Careers class.100_3074So YUMMY. She promises to make some more afterschool since they all took some for snack/lunch and there’s none left. I love those healthy types of snacks. I also made Chicken and Dumplings for dinner but they ate it all before I could take a pic. Since we got so much snow I thought I would be nice and start shoveling the driveway for hubby well that white stuff can be really heavy. My neighbor asked if I wanted her to snow blow for me and I said well we have a snowblower but I don’t know how to use it so she came over and showed me how and WOW is that much easier. Hubby didn’t believe I did it so princess took a pic for proof unfortuately our camera doesn’t like certain lighting so this was the best she could get. If you look close you can see me.100_3082100_3083At this point I was making a path for the dogs to go out back and do there “business”. Here’s what we saw earlier in the day looking out the windows.100_3075100_3076100_30771Truck boy is now very happy Mommy learned how to work the snowblower. Of course he was right there to tell me how to do it and how to clean it off like Daddy does when he’s done. GEEEZ he cracks me up.Hope everyone is done digging out and would love to hear what you worked on if you had a snow day.