Ooops I guess it’s been awhile since I last posted. We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks here. The temps have been frigid which led to much bonding time with my sewing machine, and knitting needles. So here’s a little of what we’ve been up to. First off the tween one had to go to the ER . Her hand has been VERY swollen and bothering her so we’ve been to the ER and the Orthopedic Surgeon. Which has led to this100_3028100_3029She has been able to rewrap it to the point where she can use her fingers, but she needs to keep this on till the 26th so only a few more days and than Ortho will decide what to do. It is still really bothering her and although they didn’t see a break there’s something going on. So an Mri may be needed. She is being a very good sport about it all.  In the meantime when the temps have warmed up the kiddies have been doing this.100_3026100_3027Princess has been snowshoweing and truck boy is loving the cross-country skis. Tweeny can snowshoe too but all forms of skis are off limits at this point. I have been quite productive in spite of all this crazyness and oh yea truck boy missed two days of school and than was home for the long weekend because he had strep throat. Thankfully everyone is back to school and the two little ones are practicing every day after school for the upcoming talent show. Truck boy is doing surfing U.S.A with three other five year olds, and princess is doing a dancing/singing number with one of her friends. With all of these crazy schedules I need my outlet.100_3034I recently took a knitting class and made this cool necklace. I than went right home and made this100_3044and strung some more beads to make these100_30451I’m slightly addicted, there that much fun to make. Not to meniton one of my New Years Resoultions was to make at least one gift per month and put away for next Christmas in hopes that I can be alittle less stressed and of course enjoy the Holidays more.100_3046I’ve also finished one sock and am decreasing the gusset on the second. These have been going to the tweeny’s Dr appts and to the talent show practices. My next socks will so be an ankle sock. Remember the blocks I was working on? Well we have this100_3047the backing made with all the leftovers (very cost effective) and100_3048The front awaiting the binding. Here’s a close up of the quilting100_3049100_3050I’m very happy with how this has come out and can’t wait to hang it. The two little one’s have partys to go to this weekend so of course something hand made is a must.100_3051They boy one will be filled with backugon stuff and the girl one will have some craft stuff inside. I also have been making many of these100_3032Loafs of Amish white bread.yummmm. Next on the list is some homemade goodies for my Mommy who’s birthday is this Sunday.Hope everyone is staying warm and getting lots of “crafting” done.