Wow has it been a hazy week. It all started Monday night, I dragged myself out to see this truly amazing and funny person you may have heard of. 100_3007

Yup Mark Lapinkski pretty cool huh? I’m the one on the front left, followed by no blog Deb and Laura, and Lisa is standing behind me next to Mark. He had to be one of the best speakers I have EVER seen. Keep in mind that I was getting more uncomfortable by the minute do to a lovely sinus pressure that was so bad my whole right side of my head felt like exploding. I have NEVER felt so much main in my ear/jaw. BUT I was still able to enjoy Mark. He had the funniest stories to the point we were laughing soooooo hard we had tears running down our faces. If you ever get to see him it is truly worth it. I have perused his magazine Quilters Home and now will enjoy it even more after seeing him. Here’s some pics I was able to take although my camera wasn’t likeing the lighting to much.100_2994This was his first quilt ever made.100_2995This cool quilt he made for his son when he went off to camp. The bug fabric is way to cute.100_29981Aren’t those colors amazing!100_30001Mark loved to throw his quilts on the floor when he was done showing them, much to the chagrin of all of us watching. He does have a point though, that your quilts SHOULD be used and not babied. If you think you recognize some of his quilts your right many of his have been in magazines.100_3003100_3004This quilt he had gotten from Pakastani but is going to stop showing it since it’s starting to get some wear to it. The fabrics were amazing. I unfortunately didn’t get more pics of his quilts but if you hop on over to Lisa’s flicker set you can see some more.100_3005He gets VERY animated while telling his stories. What a great personality he has and the accomplishments he’s made are inspiring. Also keep in mind none of his quilts are at an advanced level they are all doable. SO after Monday night I pretty much never moved off of the couch the rest of the week I was that sick. Of course the kids had a snow day on Wed which was great that I didn’t have to leave the house but I was so sick I couldn’t enjoy them nor could I read, quilt, or knit.UGH. Thankfully the tween one was a huge help. I started to come out of the haze a little Thurs afternoon but not before truck boy came home sick from school. He did make it back for Friday and I was able to accomplish some things. One of which was to finish cutting for the quilt I want to get done so I can hang it on the living room wall and take down the Christmas one that’s there now. I refuse to take it down till the new one is done so that’s my I have gotten some blocks started too.100_3013The quilt is called Mocha Meringue. I have also been working on a pair of these,100_3021100_3022Yes a pair of VERY tall socks to come up above my boots for when I have a skirt on. The yarn is my Sara Palin hand dyed yarn that they made just for 2008. It’s so nice to work with but what was I thinking making them so tall? Hopefully I can get the second one started and finished soon. I also made this handbag before the haze settled in.100_3015100_3017I even added a zipper that is fully enclosed so there are NO raw edges. I’m hoping to get another one of this style made to put in the shop. This hat was made over winter break.100_3012100_3011It’s the Hannah ponytail hat found over at Ravelry. I think the only thing I would do different is maybe make the “brim” longer but it is still comfy this way.100_3019I think this girl has the right idea. The woodstove is going full blast and she can’t possibly get any closer. I think I’m going to go grab some choc peanut butter ice cream. yummm. Since I haven’t had ice cream in ages  and  have really been sticking to the whole diet thing and settle in with some knitting and tv watching. AHHH the best way to spend a Sunday night and all the little ones are snug in there beds. I can’t wait to show you some of the things I have in store for this week.