What a vacation!!! I’m feeling very rested and ready for some quilting and knitting. I have been cutting out a quilt and hopefully will have some blocks to show by the end of the week. Today the kids had a two hr delay for there first day back. It was actually nice since it gave us time to ease back into the early morning routine. Hubby had been off with the kids so everyone enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in late. We had our annual new years party which was a lot of fun and apparently everyone was having to much fun to grab the camera. I do have some pics of what we were up to over vacation even though it was very quite. One of us at one point had a cold so we were very happy to catch up on some indoor activites and the kids enjoyed playing the wii which they got for Christmas. 100_2933We had a white Christmas.100_2934Not quite sure what he was planning but he was having sooo much fun.100_2936Soup,Grill Cheese and Hot Cocoa is a must over Christmas break.100_2938100_2939100_29401Princess thought it would be nice for all the pets to have name tags.100_2937I knit this I cord for the tree and ran out of yarn sooo it wasn’t as long as I would have liked but it still looked fine.100_2943Someone liked to drink from the tree and play hide and seek.100_2944100_2945A hat knit for hubby that he was to shy to model but loves to wear.100_2946The tween one could usually be found in her pjs with her nose in one of the twilight books some nights I had to pry the book out of her hand at 11pm.100_2975Looks like Santa hit. I was sad to realize that with the busyness of the day we never got to take a picture of the kids in front of the tree. I vow that next year we will have a quieter Christmas morning where we won’t be going to two other houses by 11:30am so we can relax and enjoy the morning more.100_2985One out of three will have to work though. They were all very happy with all of their goodies so another great holiday in history.Now I’m off to work on  some sewing before I have to go pick up some kiddies and tonight I get to have a girls night out so it looks like 2009 is starting out great.