Wow am I in need of  a vacation and sleep. This past week has consisted of finishing these guys for orders 100_2929a chorus concert for the tween one which was fantastic and truck boy was very well behaved. I finished all three more of the coffee sleeves for gifts, had a client call and needed a cut and color yesterday morning and oh yea the weather man said a bad snow storm was heading our way and the kids may not have school today. Well after some ##*$*&$# I needed to make two handbags so I could deliver them yesterday in case school was closed today which is there last day before vacation. Well of course it was damned if you do and damned if you don’t meaning if I did them school would be open and if not school would be closed. Well I figured I better do them so Wednesday night/Thursday morning I crawled into bed at 1am. But I finished them.100_2931100_2932The photo was taking right before I staggered to bed with a little kitty who kept me company so that’s that. SOOO on five hours of sleep yesterday had me doing a color and cut at 8:30 right after delivering the gifts to school and than racing off to my parents to finish wrapping. THAN as if that wasn’t enough I had to do errands pick up the kids and get ready for the tween one’s band concert. There were many talented kids and I can’t wait to listen to them as they get even older. Truck boy however was not so impressed for the first 45min and of course made it known. I so wanted to pretend he was some one elses. After a trip to the bathroom and of course making an entrance upon returning he thankfully settled down but not before announcing that Daddy was mean, which got some looks. Yup gotta love them. Thankfully princess throughly enjoyed both evenings and was very happy to listen and pick out the older kids she new. After returning home after the five ours of sleep the night before I had to make forty bagel fingers for Princesse’s party this morning. They did have school of course and when I went in to the party I saw truck boys teachers and they told me how much they LOVED there gifts as did Princesse’s so in the end the sleep deprivation is worth it. I also made fifty chocolate lolly pops on Tuesday AND our Christmas tree crashed all over the living room. Thankfully my new lights didn’t break but we did have some ornaments that weren’t so lucky. Aafter a tearful phone call to my Daddy he came to the rescue and helped fix the tree and clean up the huge mess of pine needles everywhere and water all over the hardwood floors. The tree is still upright so hopefully we won’t have a repeat occurance. Hubby thinks the cat did it but I’m not so sure. At any rate when I see him near it I make sure to shoo him away.100_2928I love all the homemade ornaments and this year I bought the big old fashioned lights that I remember having as a kid. I love them but the rest of the family isn’t so sure. I want to knit an I cord to wrap around it so I’m hoping to do that this weekend especially if we get all the snow there calling for. Now I’m off to finish wrapping and bake a few dozen cookies for a party tonight which thankfully isn’t until 8pm so I have some time. Phew do you need a nap or vacation after reading this?lol