We are starting to get in the spirit of the holidays here.  The two little one’s had a holiday lock in at school  from 7pm-9pm so we had a few hours to just enjoy the tween one. We went and looked at the puppies in the mall and they had a little weimeraner that reminded us of our old boy. We also got to enjoy 1206082033some yummy brownie, black coffee for hubby, mocha for me, and peppermint mocha for the tween. It was such a treat to have her to ourselves and listen to her chatter. Making memories. When we went to pick up the two youngest we found them like this.100_2890100_2891100_2892100_2893 love the body art. They had a blast and the money raised went to the homelss youth so it was a big hit. I’ve enjoyed reading this 100_2898when I can steal some time to read. I have finished another scarf this time for myself made from the one skein wonder book and it’s the fillipi scarf.100_2913 I’ve done some decorating.100_29001we still need to get the “big real” tree hopefully tomorrow, but this is a start. I finished the kids advant calendar.100_2903I had to add the first eleven days since the month had already started but they didn’t seem to mind. The pattern called for embroidery yea not happing this year and for coloring in the blocks but they all outvoted me and said they liked it just with the black designs. Here’s the back leftover fabric from the front.100_2904 I also got to go into the tween ones tech class to see the co2 cars they made and were racing. 100_2906Of course she painted hers rainbowish. Love it. I had a great time and finally got to put some faces to the names of kids she talks about. When I left the snow was coming down and it was looking like we were going to have a snow day the next day. Which we did. Crazy a snow day BEFORE Christmas.ug. Our school had been on a two hour delay when all the other schools were closed to the kids were unhappy and we are a walking district only. However finally at 8:30 after everyone was getting dressed it came across that we had closed. Come on they couldn’t figure that out earlier. We did have a nice day at home and I made these because the tween one has two parties to go to today 100_2912she had me make the one on the left for her. We filled her friends with make up, nail stickers, polish, a book and some body soap. Plus they can use the bags for whatever. I also got to enjoy last night out with some quilting buddies and we went for some Indian food which I have never had but it was yummy. Unfortunately my stomach when I got home didn’t think so and it felt like it was on fire. I  have never had that happen but it won’t stop me from having it again thats why I guess they invented tums.lol. We exchanged gifts here’s what all the talented ones made.100_2914Laura went home with this cool advant calendar made by Sue and filled with chocolate.100_2915Lisa went home with the wall-hanging I made.100_2917100_2918Sue went home with a needle punch, jelly roll, and fabric basket from Lisa. 100_2919I went home with the Naughy or Nice wall-hanging made by Deb it even has little tags to write the family members names on and put in the appropriate spot.100_2921Deb went home with this table runner made by Laura with the greatest holiday fabrics. Everyone is so talented and it’s always fun to see what everyone makes. We also went home with some party favors.100_2916On the way home we drove around the Lowes parking lot to get just the right angle for this gorgeus tree glistining from the ice and snow.100_2923100_29271a true winter wonderland. Today I will be shuffling one child to a girl-scout festivite with tree decorating, sleigh riding, and santa, while the other one needs to be taken to not one but two birthday parties back to back. Plus I need to clean the house so we can decorat some more and hopefully make some aprons. Ahhh The holiday spirit has hit.