Tis The Season to…100_2860Have a roast in the crock pot so you have more time to quilt, knit, and read. Tis The Season to…100_2861Make rice crispie treats in the shape of a wreath and add some festive M&M’s. Tis The Season to…100_2862 100_2863Make shirts for the big Winter Wonderland dance at school. Tis The Season to…100_2865See Santa and Mrs.Claus at our downtown kick off of the Holiday’s. Tween one chose to go to the dance instead. Tis The Season to ….100_2867

to see the tree lit,100_2868 100_2869 100_2871 awesome fireworks and oops a little grass caught on fire but the fireworks actually lit up the tree above the fire. Very Cool.100_2874100_2876Have you ever tried to take a picture of fireworks? Yea not so easy. They were soo cool and at one part there was another ground show where all white fireworks spun in a circle to look like a wreath which than in turn lit up a whole christmas train. We have never seen the downtown fireworks before as we assumed they would be a bust and this was the first time they did it for the tree lighting but we will now make sure to catch the next set of fireworks they were that good. Of course the tween one was a little miffed but hey what can you do. We than took the two little ones for hot cocoa and coffee for us to thaw out a little . I wore my first sweater and thrummed mittens and I was nice and toasty. Tis The Season to 100_2895 100_2897 100_2899finish up some more gifts. I couldn’t figure out how to turn the flash off so oh well you get the idea. What are you up to this season?