It’s been awhile and frankl it’s because things here have been sew,so,sew busy!! It started with hubby being away for eleven days. The sleep overs that the girls love to have when Dad’s away, field trips, sick kids, and many projects to get done. I have filled a bag order of seven for the LYS forgot to take photos. I have quilted and binded a quilt for a customer no photo there either. Hmm but I do have some photos of what’s been coming out of my little sweat work shop. A big stocking for a church donation, I did add a dowl and some gold roping to hang him with100_28531

A fun festive wall hanging.100_2854

Some fun bags100_2855 A scarf for a Christmas Gift100_2859

100_2857a few cozies for some mugs to go to the teachers aides and office ladies at my kids  elementary school.  Pattern is on ravelry. I have a few more to do. They are quick and fun to make and than I think I will fill the mugs with some chocolates. Thankfully the tween one has said nothing about gift giving now that she’s in the Middle School. I better check or I will be stressing the last day before vacation if she comes home and says hey I need some presents made. In the mind of a tween that could happen. I finished these great thrummed mittens which are sooo warm.100_2856If you were at Rhinebeck you may have seen the pattern. They are quick and easy you use wool and roving. I need to do a crochected edge but don’t know how to do that so I will have some ladies at the YS show me. I won these two patterns from craftsanity100_2858 and finally the piece of de-resistance I finished my first ever sweater and wore it for Thanksgiving. It’s not perfect but the tween one as already asked to borrow it so I will take that as the higest praize you could get.100_2849100_2850I had two sick kids home before Thanksgiving so I’m looking a little tired and we hosted Thanksgiving, had company all weekend and the kids all went back to school yesterday. However truck boy is home today since he has the  stomach bug his sisters had last week ( he suffered from a sinus infection and couldn’t go to school for his Thanksgiving festivites) so this poor little guy has had a rough two weeks. 100_2851He has even apologized for keeping me up all night. That’s what Mommy’s are for. It amazes me what you can do on two hours sleep and a two hour nap. Needless to say the house hasn’t been cleaned today nor will it, there has been a shower taken but no make up applied, and caffiene is a MUST at this point in the day. I have cleaned the kitchen, put the laundry away, and made all the beds. I have a binding to finish and of course countless other gifts to make. Hope everyone had a nice holiday and is staying germ free. Here’s an unrelated but funny pic.100_2852Skyler was actually begging for some turkey now the dogs ALWAYS are in close proximity of food but not that cat. He was actually whining for some. Which he did get.