First let me say GO VOTE. There’s no excuse to not go. It doesn’t matter who you prefer I won’t get into that here what matters is that every vote counts. Tomorrow morning after all is said and done we will still be fellow Americans and hopefully we can move on to better things. We need a change and it’s time for a new President. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but I will be glad to hopefully not have to hear anymore negative comments or mud slinging. With that being said I voted at 8:30 this morning and was number 90 in my specific ward/district. WOW. Four years ago I had gone about two hours later and was only in the high 60#, so records will be made for the amount of voters who went to the polls today. On a lighter note here’s what the last week has been like here. 100_2784YUMMM homemade bread. It came out so great Hubby asked where I bought it. I will take that as a huge compliment. I froze one loaf to have when I don’t feel like having it “fresh”. We had a spoon, princess diva, and a “heat blast” in the house.100_2803They look so thrilled. Of course they were waiting for me to be done taking the picture so they could go trick or treating. The weekend was so nice that the kids got treated to Daddy’s new toy.100_2804Love the skirt and tights.100_2806The helmet they are wearing is the one I used to use A LONG time ago in my Ski Racing Days. It actually saved my life in a Downhill race so I deem it safe for my little ones to wear four wheeling with dad. Of course they won’t be going 60mph which is how fast I was going on skis when it came in handy. 100_2800He’s yelling how much he loves his toasty mitts he HAD to have.100_2799I did these the same way as the toasty mitts before but I cast on 24 stitches for little hands and I worked the thumb differently. Well my little guy being the ever so fashion conscience child had to have a matching hat.100_2815he wanted a silly face for this pic.100_2816Looks like a web.100_2817This side reminds me of a wave, but he says it looks like blue camo. Pretty neat how this yarn knitted up. I haven’t been doing much in my sewing room since I was stressing about things that needed to be cleaned. So I decided that in order to get the motivation again to sew I needed to take matters in my own hands. BEFORE100_2812 After100_2813AHHH much better. This is our back basement and the girls sewing area but I just couldn’t work knowing how nasty it was back there. Now the creative juices are flowing and I happily worked on a few bags today. Stay tuned for some pictures and I also am getting a lot done on my knitted sweater.