You have all heard of wearable art well how about wearable love? My little guy tells me that when he wears something I’ve made he can feel Mama love all day. So the other day while getting everyone ready to walk out the door for school I looked and noticed that all three of my babies had on some wearable love. Truck boy had these on Do you see them? His “camo” socks are done and I can now say I finished two pairs of socks for Socktoberfest. Here’s another pic and no he didn’t go to school in his Halloween costume, luckily he’s a quick changer. Princess went to school wearing her “small n toasty” mitts as she calls them.They remind me of cotton candy. You can’t tell from the pic but they have a little shimmer to them and there’s some mohair in the yarn too. The tween went to school proudly in this.A jacket I had made a while back and finally fits her. I have one similar for myself and a matching scarf but I have been sworn not to wear it on the same day she wears hers. I guess that’s a fair deal. I just love seeing my little ones wearing stuff I have made them and truck boy is right everything is made with Mama love. I also made another pair of fingerless mitts for my Mil’s birthday but forgot to take a photo before giving them to her. So if you have wearable love than I guess this counts as edible love. Homemade beef, barley, vegetable soup.yummm. perfect for the cold dreary weather we have been having. I have cast on for my first sweater with my new yarn bought in Rhinebeck. I love how it feels and the colors are working up nicely. I haven’t gotten to far but here’s what it looks like now.Ribbing done and now onto I think fifteen inches of stockinette stitch. It’s pouring out today and the temperature is supposed to drop and the rain should turn to snow by this evening, not sure if I’m ready for that of course it shouldn’t stick but I’m sure it will make a real mess. The two little ones have a half day today for conferencing so I have picked up the new American Girl Movie Kit which will hopefully keep them happy. I have my conference today for them so that means I get to go out in the nasty weather a few times and than again to pick up the tween one since she has a full day. So there probably won’t be much of anything productive done today. I’m itching to get back in my sewing room to get some quilting done but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I do have a pair of fingerless gloves put aside to work on while I wait at school this afternoon since it seems the parent in front of me always is late or takes forever. This way I can sit and knit and not get to pissy. Being on time is one of my pet peeves so when others are late and than of course that makes everyone else late I tend to get a little upset. Hope everyone is staying dry and warm and I would love to hear about your wearable love.