The tie quilt is done and delivered and thankfully he thinks it’s FABULOUS. What a huge relief to have it done. IF I ever do one again it shouldn’t be so bad since now I know what to expect but I don’t see another one anytime soon.Here’s how it came out. WARNING it is very busy since he had many wild a crazy ties. crazy huh? here’s the backI attatched part of a tie on the back because it played music so the corresponding tie is in front of it. It is a very warm and heavy quilt. He told me that it’s going to hang in his family room so I am very glad that he is happy. Speaking of staying warm it was 40 degrees out when I picked the kids up from school and I just couldn’t get warm so I came home and had to make one of these.The first of the season. I even had someone else who wanted to cuddle by the fire.

The kids were very glad when they came from making this.Can you spot trucky boy? He’s in there. The tween ones friend also came to help. Of course princess felt the need to pose in the pic. Fabulous fall day. Now it’s time to tuck the little munchkins in bed and sit by the fire with some knitting and something warm to drink. Stay tuned for some pics of my first ever knitted sweater I’m working on. I got the yarn at Rhinebeck from Briar Rose and I love it. Happy Fall y’all. What do you find fabulous?