I can’t think of a better title because last night a VERY good friend of mine gave me an early Birthday gift. She had me wait until I got home to open it and as I was unwrapping it I kept saying OMG, and than the tears started. This person you know who you are is truly amazing, kind hearted, extremely thoughtful,funny,a true friend, and VERY talented both with quilting and knitting/crocheting. Here’s what I am so lucky to have gotten it I still can’t believe it.Just look at the beautiful colors and shimmer,amazing isn’t it?I’m going to be afraid to wear it. At one of our quilting meetings I think it was last year our speaker had something on very similar although this one is way better and I had admired it. SO my amazing friend who I probably don’t even deserve found the pattern and crocheted me one. I still can’t believe it. The bottom has a little scallop to it. I really need to teach hubby to take better pics. I can’t wait to wear this Wednesday when I go knitting, and of course out to dinner on my birthday. WOW. I’m even storing it wrapped in tissue paper so it doesn’t get pulled or damaged. Thank thank thank you again. On another note my tween one couldn’t wait to get into some of the stuff I brought back from Rhinebeck. So she made a necklace with one of the felted balls that have little beads on them and couldn’t wait to wear it to school.I can’t wait to get rid of that counter it doesn’t do my pictures justice. Hubby promises I will have a new on by Christmas. YEA.HMM which color will be best of photos.lol. Here’s another pic of this cool necklace.She designed it herself and only had me help with tying the not. Oh if it breaks I will never hear the end of it. OFF to finish the last little bit of binding on the tie quilt and put label on and I think it may even get it delivered today.YIPPPEEEE