Oh my was Rhinebeck awesome. I brought my camera and was to busy touching, feeling, and buying to take a bunch of pictures. My senses were on total overload. The weather was perfect the people were so friendly and I loved seeing all the knitted garments that were being worn. My fingerless gloves and cowl seemed very basic. I got to the Ravelry gathering late so most people were gone but I did get to meet Jody and that was exciting.I was running on about three hours sleep can you tell? Next year I hope to meet up with some more Ravelry friends. This little guy was to cute to pass on a picture Next year I will make sure to have my camera more handy so I can snap pictures more quickly. Here’s what came home with me The LYS ladies I was with were talking about learning how to spin on a drop spindle and of course everywhere you looked people were doing it and making it look easy. I’m sure it’s not at first but I want to learn. How cool will it be (hopefully) to say I spun this and knit this out of it?! This is for my first sweater I want to make There are two more that match. These are for the kids I’m thinking the package on the left can be made into jewelry and the roving on the right can be used for the same or to make little critters. They were very excited I thought of them. Today of course I’m exhausted so I’m working on the mate to this.While enjoying this siteand this cute little guy at “work”Notice his hat? My girls and I are also enjoying a movie while enjoying thisHomemade pop-corn. They boys are off doing some hunting/scouting thing. Tonight I’m off to have some fun with the quilting girls and hopefully finish the binding on the tie quilt. How is everyone else’s weekend been? I would love to hear about Rhinebeck from others.