In Progress…Tie quilt on frame.ugh.At this point in time it’s now off the frame and awaiting the binding to be hand sewn. It looks better quilted and only one tie wanted to pucker out of 140 ties so I guess that’s not bad however it’s still driving me nuts. This will be a one of a kind and if anyone ever asks me to make on again like this I will run screaming.In Progress…Sock for truck boy. Isn’t this yarn so neat? I love the pattern it’s making. I just started this two days ago and am almost done with first sock. I think I’m going to make him fingerless gloves with the leftover yarn. SO here’s another sock for socktoberfest. On the agenda for tomorrow is baking some cookies,another commissioned backpack, hand binding the quilt from hell I mean that wonderful tie quilt, and maybe finishing this first sock. I’m also off to Rhinebeck on Saturday so I’m hoping to have a new project to work on for the car ride. I can’t wait. A friend of mine left tonight and is staying till Sunday and taking some classes so I’m sure she will have some amazing show n tell when she gets back. I can’t wait to see the spinners, and dying, and shearing. I’m hoping to come back with some freshly sheared yarn right from the little critter and I’ve also picked a sweater pattern so I may find some bulky yarn to make that. AHHH choices, choices. I wonder if I can get hubby to throw some cash my way…hmmmm. He doesn’t have to know about my secret emergency yarn fund.There’s a sock calling my name so till next time happy stitching/knitting.