In One Day… I knit up this hat. Amanda has nicely offered the pattern on her side bar.

In One Day…A little boy got to feel so special and had some special bonding with his Daddy.He even directed me on how to take the picture so I wouldn’t gross anyone out. Wow is he growing up. He has had the time of his life this weekend and has created memories that will last him a life time. It’s amazing what you can accomplish In One Day. I have loaded the tie quilt and hopefully can get some quilting done on it tomorrow while the kids are off from school. I would love for it to take only One Day to quilt it since I’ve had it with this quilt. It has brought on much stress and I’m ready to get back to my quilting routine. I have MANY projects and ideas I want to make and of course share here. Hopefully I’m not getting to boring and I would love to hear some comments.