Drum roll please……………………………………. The second sock is done. can you see them? Apparently Skyler feels the need to help block them.Love them. While yes it is just a basic pattern for socks I just love them and they’re so cozy and comfy.I even had to stop at the LYS on my way home from quilt guild this morning and picked up some more yarn for another pair of socks and another set of 2dpn so I can do a pair for me and truck boy wants a pair that way I can switch back and forth. Oh yea and did I mention that the above socks were knit on size o needles. I must be nuts. Of course I won’t be doing that again. The two little ones had some fun yesterday at school it was the 50th anniversary of there school opening so they had to dress accordingly.

They had so much fun!! Look what the mail brought yesterday.the polka dots are great. I made some more of this.I think we may just have enough to get us thru the winter. Speaking of which someone was anxiously waiting by the door to help fill the freezer with Dad. His first time out hunting. I would love to be a fly in the blind. I don’t think he can be quiet for very long but we will see.Loading the truck up and hubbys de-secenting truck boys clothing.They’re all smiles. I wonder how they will be when they return. I hope at the very least truck boy gets to see something and of course it would be even better if they brought home a deer.  Hubby usually ends up filling the freezer for the winter so that would be cool if truck boy was there for that. We usually end up with a wild turkey for Thanksgiving so if today goes well I can see little man being asked for that. I mean how cool would that be for him to say I got Thanksgiving dinner. Princess is off visiting with a friend who moved away and is back visiting this weekend. So the tween one and I just rented a movie and I think I’m going to pull out some knitting and relax.