Well I did it, I finished the second fingerless glove last night.  They really knit up quick and I’m not fast knitter. It was only about 30 degrees out this morning or maybe even colder so they kept me nice and warm.These were made from a worsted yarn that I had in my stash. using the pattern found here I made them a little longer than the pattern both from the wrist up and the thumb down(toward fingers). I think next time I may shorten the length by the fingers but haven’t decided yet. Truck boy was very put out that I now have two pairs of “gloves” and he has none. HELLLOOOO didn’t I just make him a hat and mitten set. Greedy little bugger. His sisters don’t have anything yet so I told him that once his sisters have a pair I will than make him some. Geez I hope my knitting speed starts picking up or I’m in trouble. Now if I can just finish that second sock I will be a huge weight lifted. Happy Sewing .