Wow after having truck boy home from school since last Wednesday and Princess came home Friday I am very glad to hear nothing today. I can hear the crisp sound of the leaves blowing on the trees and nothing else. I can smell yet another batch of choc chip pumpkin cookies baking in the oven. Our weekend was fun and thankfully everyone was feeling better. I knit and knit and even did a little sewing on the tie quilt AND we went apple picking and cleaned the house from top to bottom. I am scheduling a quilting only day for Wed or Thursday and I’m going to do nothing else but that. I can’t wait. Plus I got an order for a child’s backpack. Here’s some pics from the weekend.I even took the knitting in the car to take my mind off hubby’s driving on the twisty roads on the way to the orchard and you know what? It worked. Since there wasn’t any pattern to keep track of it was all good and I made a dent on the second “glove”, I can hardly wait to show you but I’m going to hold out till I have a pair. How’s that for being in the country?The sign did not lie.

I see you tween one. But wait how are we supposed to get those way up there?Yup that works. Hey did you notice truck boy got to wear his new hat. Not taking any chances after he’s had strep throat.The view was better in person but you get the idea.Another successful trip to the orchard. The other bag was already in the car. So we have one bag for more apple sauce and baking, and the other bag for eating.yummmmm. It’s always neat and sad to see how much the kids have grown each year in our “apple”pictures, I can only imagine how they will look next year but I am very thankful that we got to enjoy this again and I look forward to next year. Hubby and I have been going there since we’ve been married and of course I’ve been going there since I was a child, those memories and the ones we continue to make doing something as simple and traditional as apple picking are truly priceless. Is there a moose in the car?While truck boy napped I worked some more on that SECOND damn sock.I’ve turned the heel and I’m heading into the home stretch. NEVER NEVER EVER am I making socks on size 0 needles again.ugh. Stay tuned for some pics of the tie quilt it’s really looking cool. I was very nervous about this project but am very glad I took it on. I think we’re up to 60 ties and he’s giving me 48 more so hopefully that will do it. Hubby even was checking it out while I had it layed out and thought it looked really neat, so it’s official. Off to open house tonight and than on to some knitting while curling up under a warm quilt. It’s going to be a chilly fall night with a possibility of some heavy frost.yikes. The morning should be brisk.