Wow do I feel like everything is just scattered every where. I guess that’s what we call life. Here’s a re-cap since Friday’s sleep over which hubby swears will NEVER happen again. Apparently he didn’t get much sleep as he kept hearing the girls downstairs dancing and singing. I thankfully heard nothing but than again am more used to them having sleep overs since they always seem to have them when he’s away. We enjoyed yummy rolls and pizza friday.They all ate the pizza before I could take a picture and these babies had to be taken away before they ate them all. Whoever said only tween boys eat a lot haven’t met today’s girls. Sunday I decided to make my first ever homemade loaf of bread. Yup no bread machine was used here. It was so worth it. The smell that went thru the house and of course the taste was unbeatable. Of course the Amish might be a little put out since I used a White Amish bread recipe that I found here.

Thank goodness for laptops. I had it set up in the kitchen the whole time I made the bread and than had the recipe sent via email. (Thus why the Amish may be offended.)hehe.

Sunday night I also finished truck boys hat to match his mittens and he loves them. On Monday I got some sewing done. I made these to help fill some blank wall space. I also worked on the tie quilt a little it’s coming out way better than I thought it would so that’s at least something. Tuesday I went on truck boys field trip with him and thankfully they had chaperone’s follow the bus because the roads there are pretty windy. So some Mom’s piled into my car and with Starbucks in hand and a basket of some of my Pumpkin Cookies which we made another batch of over the weekend and even added some choc chips.YUM. We were off.Learning about Bees and the very cool working hive.Watching some Cider Donuts be made. Yea a dozen found there way home. Sooo Goood.what a great snack for the day. Notice the polka dot boots in the background? I was wearing mine too and love them. My friend and I have the same taste in a lot of things and seem to “match” when totally not planned. It’s always good for a laugh.Feeding the goats is a must.So is a picture with Mama.Here’s our driver who will take us out into the orchard where the kids can pick some apples. I just loved his straw hat.Hold on tight.Truck boy was so excited about everything apples.He found the perfect apple and even got to see how big it was.

It was truly a priceless trip. Of course when the kids were all packed up back on the bus a few us belined it  in to do some wine tasting.It of course was all apple wine and while it was fun it was just ok wine. Oh well you never know. Last night I started some fingerless gloves “photo when one’s done.” I had been admiring them in a catalog and wished that I could make them, well while reading one of my fav blogs here she had come up with a pattern for the very same gloves. How cool is that. She is always so inspiring and this is also where I found those yummy pumpkin cookies. Today on the agenda was to knit, quilt, exercise,and do some errands. Well none of that has happened since at 10:30 I had to run to the kids school because truck boy was running a 101 fever. Poor little guy he was crying for his mama and felt awful. He literally clung to me when I got there and I carried him to the car and tucked him in is bed when we got home. It’s so sad when they’re like that. I also had a huge pot of apple sauce on the stove when the nurse called so I put it on low and headed out. Once the Motrin kicked in he was feeling better and while the apple sauce was cooking I figured an apple pie would go good after dinner tonight so I made one and it’s just about done. Wow does the house smell sinful. Truck boy wanted to make “skin stew.”I just love the creativity. Of course it took some explaining that we really couldn’t cook it but he was happy when he got to turn on the switch to the disposal. Now he’s curled back up on the couch ready for some Mama cuddling. Happy October everyone. Tomorrow I get to spend it with him again since they have a 24hr fever free rule at school so if he’s feeling better maybe some of those errands can get done if not they will still be there on Friday and he and I will enjoy another day alone.