Yea it’s the first Friday of Fall. The air is a little crisper, and it’s raining. So what, a perfect day to stay inside and get all things fall accomplished. First there’s making pumpkin muffins which were a huge hit after school.This freshly made batch of “trail mix” was also a hit.Another yummy thing to have on a rainy day is a childhood favorite Ramen Noodle soup and some apple cider. Don’t you just love fall? Time to pull out those sweaters and your favorite pair of jeans. Or at least up here in upstate NY. I made my very first pair of mittens this week for truck boy who will certainly need a pair next week to keep his hands and fingers nice and toast on his field trip to the apple orchard. I’m also working on a matching hat. see the rain isn’t always a bummer. However we were supposed to go camping up north with some friends and now that’s not going to happen but don’t cry I think I can still be happy getting some quilting done. The Princess is also happy since she now gets to go to a birthday slumber party. The tween one heard of this and quickly begged if she could have a friend come here. Well you lose one you gain one. Fortunately the tween one and her friends are easy. I’m thinking some home made pizza will top the evening off. ahhh Fall is just so perfect. I also whipped up this backpack and tissue holder for the birthday girl.

we also added a doll outfit for her bitty baby.isn’t the thread cool? Princess approved and said her friend will love it. It’s almost time to lose one and gain one so I better go make sure everything is in order. Here’s to everyone enjoying fall Friday and let me know what you did today and what you like about fall. I can’t wait for all the leaves to change. I could go on and on. Oh yea and the exercise this week was great. I only took one day off and yesterday I ran/walked for over an hour outside since the elliptical was getting old. I was actually able to run further than ever so that was a good feeling. Hubby also went out last night and bought himself a pair of running sneaks so he’s going to give the bike a little break and supposedly join me running. UGH I can hardly wait. I can hear it now,” come on suck it up” Keep going” can’t you go faster”? Well at least we will be doing it together, and I never said WHO would be the one saying all that.hehe.