I seriously must be jinxed. Yesterday being another Monday morning I decided to get up again at the crack of dawn to exercise so I would have the whole day to myself. Usually I would come home from taking everyone to school and than work out and before you know it half the day is gone. Anyway I had gotten up exercised, taking a shower, got everyone to school, grocery shopped, banked, cleaned, and was just sitting down to enjoy an early lunch and get my nails done so than I could sew the rest of the afternoon. Well the phone rings and it’s hubby’s cell. The middle school had called him to say the tween one wasn’t feeling well. That’s weird I’ve been home all morning or had my cell on. However I have caller ID and just realized that for some reason her school comes up unknown caller or out of area which I don’t usually pick up. I guess I need to start because that’s who had called. So I called school to see what was up and apparently she has a rash that had spread from some unknown allergic reaction and was to uncomfortable to stay the rest of the day. So there went my free time. Which I got over because one of my babies wasn’t feeling well. After two hours at the health center because our doctor couldn’t fit her in I was basically told go home and give her Benadryl which is what I had been doing anyway.ugh. Plus I was late getting the two little ones from school and thankfully a friend grabbed them for me and waited since I was only ten min late. I tell you I’m thinking I’m jinxed. Over the weekend I ran into Jo-Anns to pick up some fabric and spotted a new line they have out with Jelly Rolls even. Somehow they made it into my shopping bag, geez I just don’t know how that happens.and some charm packs aren’t the colors great? These also arrived in the mail but not really sure what I will do with them so for now they can join the “stash”I was also able to finish this quilt for a friend who hired me to make it for her daughters kindergarten nap time blanket. She had been using a beach towel. Yikes doesn’t that make you cringe.hehe. I gave it to her yesterday which also was the little one’s Birthday so she was very excited and loved how soft it felt. The minky and chenille can be thanked for that. My sewing room however looked like it had snowed from the pink chenille shedding EVERYWHERE. In the end it was worth it and I was even able to see how it would quilt up on the frame. Thankfully there were no problems and if you have ever worked with the minky or chenille you know how unstable it can be. If you think this fabric is familiar you are correct since some of it was used in my Mom’s quilt. Now on the table is the Tie quilt that the “Princess’s” teacher from last year has hired me to make. I’ve been putting this one off since it’s going to be a learning experience. Most of the ties are different sizes and different materials SO I have my work cut out for me. Plus I’m having trouble putting the book Breaking Dawn down. The other night instead of having a normal sewing meeting my friendship group decided lets go to the movies and dinner. Well three of the five were able to make dinner, and four of the five were able to do the movies so Lisa we missed you. We had gone to see The Women which was a very cute and funny movie. There wasn’t one male actor or extra in the whole thing. Even the dogs were female. I would say get a group of girlfriends together and go see this. We are planning another movie outing since all of us are reading the Twilight series and everyone should have the first book done by the time the movie comes out in November. So hopefully all five of us will be in attendance for that.  Here’s to being unjinxed  since tomorrow I want to get up early again and get the work out done. This morning was a nice day off.