Whew I can’t believe how crazy things have been. It feels just like a crazy hurricane. Speaking of which last Sunday we had abnormally hot humid weather to the point where it was so gross to go outside. However Sunday night into Monday we felt some of the windy affects of Hurricane Ike and it made for a sleepless night since we have some massive trees near the house. Anyway I had planned ahead to get up at 5:50am ouch. To work out so I would than have the rest of the day to sew. Yea well the best laid plans usually turn around to bite me. So about 6:15 while suffering on the elliptical the cable goes out. Ugh now what I really want to suffer for a total of 30min so thankfully my I pod was close by from the day before so I cranked that baby up finished my work out and felt great. Of course that didn’t last long. Since we’re all digital when the cable goes out the computer and phone go too. So for some odd reason I turned my cell phone on while I was making school lunches before waking all the sleeping beautys up. Well it actually started ringing at 7am which was odd but I answered and a friend of mine was telling me that my kids don’t have school since the wind knocked out the power near there school. No freaking way you have got to be kidding me. So I phoned my parents to put on the tv and see what was up. Nothing was coming across so I said ok kids lets get ready anyway since the tween one is on another campus she would still need to go. WELL about 10min before school is to start on the way to the middle school my cell rings and it’s the elementary school saying we’re on a two hr delay. Ok that will still work since I can have some part of the day to myself. So the two little ones helped me get some fall decorations out. Well about 15min before they’re to attend we get another call saying sorry power’s still out and school canceled. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Of course it was Monday morning too. Crap. Well we tried to make the best of it and I did get some sewing done. However I haven’t woken up early to exercise the rest of the week but have been faithful to doing it after they are at school. The longest I’ve done this week was 2 1/4 miles so I’m getting there plus I’ve been doing ab work outs too. I just love fall and all the colors.The apples are a great bonus too. I can’t wait to go apple picking.yum. But Mom and Dad went for a ride and brought us a bag to hold us over so of course I needed to make some apple sauce.When life gives you apples.Make sauce. We have also had some rescue missions. Hubby found this little guy while out on a bike ride.A baby snapping turtle.He was returned to nature where hopefully he will stay. One day I had a rescue of this guy. He was about eight months old and found his way to our front lawn. When I came home from taking the kids to school he was there. He had no tags and didn’t want to leave so I packed him in the back of the suv and drove him to the local vet stinky breath and all. He was very friendly and I didn’t want to take a risk of him getting hit. Since I haven’t heard from the vet I assume his owner has tracked him down. We seem to be having all these crazy things happening. I have managed to clean under the tween ones bed, lucky I made it out alive, attended her open house which was very enlightening. Hubby and I had to go through her schedule so that was cool. Of course today I got a call that a shot she needed and isn’t able to get for a month but could still attend school if the DR gave them info saying when her appt is, was never sent to the school. Well after a few choice words under my breath I said to the School nurse I will go get it from there office since they screwed up but please don’t send her home. Apparently if the parents don’t provide that they have had the shot or the paper saying when they’re getting it the kids can’t attend school today. The office wouldn’t fax it to the school which really pisses me off and the school couldn’t wait until they got in the mail which the dr was supposed to do a week ago, made for an interesting and frustrating morning. Thankfully the school nurse and I know each other so my kid got some extra attention and I was the first one called and she even let her go back to class while I went across town to get the paperwork. What a mess. When I did get to the school there were about 10 kids in the nurses office so I didn’t feel to bad and in talking with her she said oh no I have about 50 more in the cafeteria and right now 35 of them are going home if we don’t have the proper papers. I also was able to find out that many of them got to the same DR as we do so I will be sure to give them an earful when she has her appt.UGH.
So with all of these crazy hurricanes whirling thru our lives its no wonder why I haven’t gotten in the sewing room much. That and the fact that I have been reading this series.OMG these books are great and no pun intended but I’m totally sucked in. I have read the first three in the last two weeks and they are each around 6hundred pages each. So needless to say much free time is being spent reading and even into the wee hours at night. If you haven’t read these you really must and if you have let me know what you think. They are so powerful it’s creepy. No blog Deb has even gotten hooked and I’m glad to hear is as obsessed with them as I am. I can’t wait till the first book Twilight’s movie comes out in late November. I see a girls night out. We also have a big weekend nearby with the balloon festival. We don’t even need to leave home to see the show. Last night we saw these from the yard.Pretty cool huh? Notice the tween one is snapping some of her own photos will her cell phone.oy. So I’m glad the hurricane seems to have blown out to sea and we can get back to hopefully some calmer days that will involve some cleaning, exercising, and lots of sewing. Under the beds have been cleaned, some toys organized so I think I’m just about caught up with all the “extras” that seem to be needed come fall. I guess this guy liked the newly cleaned drawer.Truck boy was so excited to get his pjs on so he could have some Ice Cream that he forgot to close his drawer. oops. Of course Skyler is not to picky on where he rests and here’s the quilt I just finished for my Mom.hehehehe. Isn’t he just a stinker. He was in the other room when I started to lay it out and than I heard his jingle bell on his collar and new he figured out what I was doing. At least he was polite enough to sit in the corner. See Gramma he loves you to.lol.I quilted a panto called “popcorn” and love how it came out. It’s a little hard to see and the dew outside was still heavy so an inside picture was a must. My Mom has seen it and loves it. Of course she peeked at it when we were at open house and didn’t think I would notice it was moved. Not the case. But she has said that I can keep it for my Sunday night meeting so I can show it. Than it will be all hers. Ok off to the elliptical for some more suffering but I’m told that it will be worth it after a month so I have a week in half left for that to be true. I have noticed than clothes are a little looser so I guess SLOWLY it’s paying off. Hubby is proud of my eating habits so I guess that’s something too. Not that I ever ate bad but now I’m really really good and there’s minimal Ice cream in the house. Ah getting old really stinks on some levels.