As of Thursday morning the 4th at 8:30 summer ended. The kids were all dropped off at there perspective schools. The tween girl started Middle School and Truck Boy started Kindergarten and will be at the same school as Lyssey. I of course went home and cried for an hour as an era has ended. I will have no more little one’s at home with me during the day. Yes when I get over the shock I will be able to get a lot of sewing time in. I won’t get the full feeling of it until this Tuesday when truck boy is there all day. May have some tears that day.  Our school likes to ease them into it so tomorrow he will stay for lunch and than come home. So since it’s been awhile since I last posted a lot has been going on. I will catch up with lots of pictures and hopefully the next post will be more normal. So here goes. Last week while trying to get some sewing done this little one needed some attention.He crawled up into my lap and was blocking the sewing machine.Apparently he’s anti ironing too.While out at a sewing pj party with some friends I was throwing away some scraps that Lisa was appalled at me for getting rid of them and snatched them right up. Well some how the bag got into the way with an iron. oops.No blog Deb’s Iron was the culprit. Luckily we got it cleaned.My work place and how I love that old machine.While hanging at Gramma’s pool  with a friend and her kids and a little sleep deprived from sewing until 1am I watched as the kids swam and a very talented girl dove thru the swim ring.Labor day was spent on our boat and the kids were debating on who would go first.Truck boy took the lead.There goes another one.Of course hubby and I chose to relax on the “last day of summer”What a view.OF course all of this was so tiring. Tween girl was “granted” a cell phone for back to school with some strict rules but still is happy.The Big First Day. 6th grade, 3rd grade, and Kindergarten here they come.

His first walk into school yes buddie I’m still here (his thoughts were step away from the camera). Everyone came home with big smiles and the first two day’s have been a success. Thankfully the locker was no prob for the tween and she has an easy combo so that was one less worry.  On Friday some friends and I had went out for breakfast and toasted with Mimosa’s as we all our now home alone. There two girls and truck boy are even in the same class.Cheers. This pic was taken with my new cell phone, after all the tween one couldn’t be the only one who had the newest model. Of course we won’t tell her it was a buy one get one free deal. Thanks Verizon. aahhh. Another milestone was realizing that when knitting, gauge really does matter. I made a cowl which I love and it matches fingerless gloves I made last winter. However I never checked the gauge, well why would I? Come on I know there are some of you who are just as guilty. Well I don’t think I will make that mistake again.Well this is what it looked like after I removed all of this.UMMM Yea. Just think I could have been done sooner and had some more yarn to make it a little taller since I ran out. Oh well a learning experience and I do like how it looks when I scrunch it. Thank goodness you can sew a seam with a serger and sewing machine. Phew crisis saved but will be avoided next time. On the needles and almost done now is a pumpkin colored scarf for the tween one which I’m hoping to embellish with some beads. Plus that dreaded second sock. I have also been reading a lot and just finished the last Maggie Sefton books in her Knitting Mystery Series. I Loved them all and can’t wait for the latest to come out at the end of the month. I highly recommend them. If you read them or have read them let me know what you think. Next on the table to read is Twilight which has been all the talk so hopefully later I can start that. I also have been faithfully working out every day for the last two weeks either speed walking with a little running, the elliptical, or biking. I do a minimum of 30min and than do an ab work out with the balance ball. I’m hoping in another week or so it will be somewhat noticeable. I will say it does make me feel better and have more energy but don’t tell hubby I said that since he just loves it when he’s right.hehe. Hoping for some quilting update pictures tomorrow and of course I get to go to my guild meeting tomorrow night which is the  first of the year.YIPPEE.