At this point in the summer it seems like fall will never get here. Even though we are having much colder weather than normal it’s still summer. There’s about eight days left until all the kiddies will be back in school. Wow will that be a sad day but don’t worry I’m sure by the second week I will be loving all that free time. My house needs some major decluttering and fall cleaning, but what else would you expect from having three kids home for two months. With the end of summer also comes some of my favorite last minute things we try to squeeze in and of course it’s ok to get  home at 11:30pm since know one has to get up early. Last week we took the kids to the fair where we ate all sorts of greasy fried yummy food. Fried dough with maple syrup, cotton candy, french fries with salt and vinegar, and of course fresh maple syrup cotton candy.yummmm. However after returning home at 11:30pm with exhausted kids and parents my stomach told me that all that food wasn’t such a good idea. I guess even adults tend to overindulge.Of course a fair wouldn’t be complete without tractors and look how big the tire is compared to them.Yikes.Truck boy loved feeding the piggies. The sheep were my favorite but of course I forgot to take a pic.Miss Tween won this big Scooby for truck boy so of course the creepy carnie had to make a huge deal about it which was very funny. He even carried Scooby the rest of night and course got many looks since it was as big as him. The carnies seem to like when hubby’s aren’t around so while hubby was walking ahead of us we were offered free rides if I rode too. Well hey anything to avoid the wrath of three munchkins so I went on the rides too. Hubby had to laugh when he saw what happened and figured he would stay close to us after that. Even though the Carnies are sort of creepy I’m sure they’re harmless. Over the weekend we managed to go to a bonfire with some friends and return home again at about 11:30 so on Sunday when we planned on getting an early start up to Lake Placid one of our favorite places we didn’t manage to leave until late morning. I made a fresh blueberry pie to take along since we were invited to a barbecue up there too. Hubby new of a spot  outside of Saranac Lake where we could hike in and relax on a lake.We swam and had a great time.This log reminded us of the Lock Nest Monster.It was all so serene. Not one house in sight.It still however had certain facilities. YUCK.The trail even came with a bridge. Everyone was all smiles even at the end of the day. We stopped here to pick up a friend and let the kids play in the park.Placid Boatworks. These are by far the best Canoes ever. They’re so light that even the tween was able to carry one and handle it all by herself in the nearby lake. Our barbecue was held at another friends home which was beautiful. I fully intended on taking some pics but after two mojitos it sort of slipped my mind. Wow are those cocktails amazing. We dined on venison, with grilled veggies including beats which I had never had, some pasta salads, corn on the cob, and topped it all off with a blueberry pie, and a raspberry/ apple/ blueberry pie. Of course by the time we packed the kids back in the car, one of which had fallen asleep on the couch it was after 10pm which meant we didn’t pull in our driveway until 11:20pm. What a great way to finish out the summer with memories like these. Of course it also is a great time of year since yesterday Hubby and I celebrated our 13th  Wedding Anniversary and were able to go out to dinner alone.  It was also no blog Debs Birthday so happy belated B-Day!! With all of our excursions and strict exercise schedule I haven’t had a lot of time for sewing but did manage to do some cutting for the next quilt.

While enjoying some tea from one of my favorite mugs. Hope everyone’s having a great end of the summer I know we sure are and I even get to go to dinner this weekend with Lisa,no blog Deb and Laura, than were off to a pj party quilt night. I can’t wait for Saturday night!! Of course that will be another night of rolling into the driveway after hours but this time the kids will all be snug in there beds thanks to some wonderful Grandparents who I will be indebted too (hubby has a work thing and won’t be home until really late). So thanks Mom and Dad I can’t wait. I think I hear some knitting calling taunting me. I managed to restart the cowl and am making progress but 120 stitches take a long time to complete one round. Truck boy however loves snuggling while I knit so since we won’t have many days left for that it’s needle time.