The sun has come out again and with that some of the Mommy end of the summer blues have disappeared. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week. First off a finished shawl which my oldest tween keeps stealing.I guess I should be happy that at eleven she likes things handmade. So keeping that in minds she’s been wearing it more than me. I also had a charity quilt to work on for one of my guilds. They handed out kits to those willing to do one so this week I pieced,quilted,and binded it for them. Loading it on the frame was a little tricky because of this.Skyler thought he would make himself at home as I was trying to load the backing. Yea that didn’t work so much. After making him move this is the finished product.I quilted little trucks into as well and I’m told it will go to a boy who has had to deal with some sort of EXTREME tragedy. I personally am glad that I can help in making him feel a little better. On a lighter note there’s a certain truck boy who will be starting Kindergarten in a few weeks and will need a little quilt for nap time. I get teary eyed just thinking about him not being with me all day but I will know that I can be with him every day when he lays down for some quiet time. With the idea from no blog Laura at our quilt meeting the other night she suggested a very easy pattern so I wouldn’t overachieve on a project meant to be quick and easy. You take a 6 1/2″ square and two 3 1/2″ squares. You than sew the smaller squares to opposite sides of the larger square making two small half sq triangles in two corners. You will than get this.Ta da he is already looking at all the fun fabrics. I forgot to tell him to look for the stars that the black triangles make. This was started Monday and finished about 1/2hr ago. It’s a small throw size. I quilted paw prints into it which were a big hit.Now if I can pry it away from him tomorrow I would like to throw it in the wash to give it that extra softness. I have still been plugging away on my second sock. Man the size 0’s make it take forever. I also started a cowl that was progressing nicely on my new Denise Pink Needles I bought which I LOVE. For those who don’t know what they are go here. The pink set that I bought are breast cancer so part of the money will go toward that, plus they’re pink and pretty. Anyway when I went to take a picture of the lovely cowl I noticed somehow it was twisted so I had to frog the whole thing back to the beginning.UGH. Oh well we have all done it. Speaking of which I hear those needles calling my name and of course some Olympic watching is needed.