At the risk of sounding like a school report what I did on Summer vacation I will express this post with more pics than words. It’s been raining daily here and the temps have been much cooler than normal. We are finally back from Maine where of course it rained there too. We still had an enjoyable week but lacked a lot of sun/beach time. So here’s what we’ve been up to. A new beach bag which went to Maine with us.Much squealing was heard when we finally saw this sign.Little man loved “capturing” crabs and other critters but always returned them to the big ocean at the end of the day.A little boy with trucks and sand what could be better. Of course trying to get all that sound out of the bathing suit once up at the house was a different story. Thank goodness there’s an outside shower.So happy that even the oldest isn’t to old to play in the sand.Cousin harmony which can be difficult with eleven people sharing one house and LOTS OF RAINY DAYS.Pop had taking the clan to the “rocky beach” where we find lots of sea glass and shells but this year the boys found these little crabs too. After a few nudges they were convinced to let them all go.Pure bliss. However we had to wake him up since ANOTHER thunderstorm was quickly approaching. Luckily he’s fairly happy when he wakes up.One of my favorite houses out at the “pool” this house of course looks out at the ocean and to the “rocky” beach.A yearly tradition that I still hear grumbling about. While dining at Demilo’s a ship that doesn’t leave the harbor in Portland we were able to watch this cruise ship head out.Hope this gentleman doesn’t mind the back of his head in the picture.Oh well.My Babies and wait what’s that in the distance more rain clouds.ugh.Hey look some blue sky. This picture was met with another round of grumbling.So glad she loves the water. Lyssey bug is my little fish.These two played forever and were quite good.Hubby celebrated a birthday while on vacation and replied that after this game he was a little sore. Oh no. Next year he will be the big 40.Luckily his sister wasn’t to mad.Since there wasn’t much sun I still made the best of it and started on a shawl. I could have used it to keep me warm if it was a little bigger.A natural.My Crew and look MORE rain clouds.Our favorite candy shop.Choices, Choices.A must get while in Maine. Of course Hubby and I also enjoyed a coffee from the shop next door.Do to much rain a sock was completed. Now I just have to make the mate.Since there was so much rain somehow our three row suv was packed for the ride home. HMMM I think some shopping at The Red Geranium, Maine Mall, Cabelas, and Kittery Trading Post, and of course a quilt shop up in Biddeford may have taken place. Just a guess though. So the kids were forced to sit all together. How ever did we survive when we were young. I guess it was to much for them. Ahh some quiet.Thankfully no flies came in out of the rain.This was waiting in the mail when I arrived home. I had won it over at sewchristine. It’s to cute.We went blueberry picking on Sunday as a  last family vacation thing to do before Hubby went back to work. Of course it was a little stressful since we were surrounded by thunderstorms. When we saw lighting in the next field Hubby finally agreed it was time to go. We picked all of these in 30min.Phew. We have already had a pie and some muffins.YUM. We also had a little accident when we went to pay. Lyssey stepped on a nail and it went thru her crock into her foot. She was a trooper and after some cleaning and a band aid all was good. Of course the orchard felt the need to give us some of there yummy cider donuts on the house. I tried to tell them no it was a freaky thing but they were insisting so ok.Since vacation is over and it’s still raining and cool out I made this in the crock-pot. It’s pulled pork. YUMMY. Basically all you do is buy a pork roast throw it in the crock-pot with your choice of barbecue sauce (I used a bottle and a half) some onion flakes, garlic, parsley, salt, and pepper and let it cook at least eight hours. I pulled it apart when it had about two hours left just stick a spoon or fork in the pot and start shredding. We than served it on hamburger buns and had fresh corn from the stand. It helped make a rainy day a little better. Since I’m starting to experience some burn-out from the rain, and a little Mommy burn-out, there hasn’t been much sewing going on. I have been reading and have already finished all the books I recently bought. They were all good reads. Here’s to hoping the burn-out leaves soon so there can be more sewing going on. I will show what I bought next time and maybe even a completed project. I’m thinking some machine therapy might just do the trick.