Today was unbelievable. To start off the day I had to take my car  BACK in for the breaks making an awful noise. Last night on the way home from the n laws the car started shaking and making a thumping noise. Hubby pulled over wondering if we had a flat but that wasn’t the case. So we drove slowly home and by the time we got home 5miles later the car smelled so hot and the tire was to hot to touch hubby was afraid the tire would blow. Thankfully that didn’t happen but it was pretty scary. So we’re supposed to leave in two days for vacation and this wasn’t what I wanted to deal with especially since it was supposed to be fixed two weeks ago. So this morning I got up bright and early to drive it to the dealer only 2miles down the street but I was a little stressed by the noise and praying I didn’t get a flat. Well sure enough there was something going on with the break sticking on. Well yea I tried to tell them that last week. Anyway they needed to order a damn part and keep it over night. Thankfully it is covered under warranty and they know I’m NOT HAPPY. So I’m driving around in my Dad’s Jeep which is actually starting to grow on me. I really wanted to take the blue corvette in the garage but figured I may give him a heart attack. They’re already on vacation so luckily I was able to snag one of there cars or else I would be stranded for two days.  Oh and as if this wasn’t enough to deal with the cat started peeing blood so he was off to the vet this morning and is now on meds. I had to transport him in Dad’s car which is spotless so we won’t mention how he got out of his bag and walked around until I could stop and shove him back in his duffel bag until I got his carrier from my sil. It was only for two stop signs but yikes. I swear if we can get out of town Thursday without anything else going wrong I will be very happy. So now things are a little out of wack since my car was supposed to get cleaned inside and out today and hubby was going to put the pod on top.  Have no fear though with stress comes some much needed therapy and this is what came of that.Yoga pants from the S.E.W. book

A capri version made from a sheet. I think I like the elastic waist better than the drawstring but they’re still very comfy.These were also made from a sheet and are going to my sil for her birthday. I had already made her one pair but they were to low rise for her so these will be better. I guess I will just have to take her first pair off her hands what a bummer.hehe. Since these are so comfy and can be worn as pjs or reg pants depending on material they’re made in I know a certain someone would love them to lounge in but she WON’T wear them if they’re from a thrifted sheet so we went and bought these new.The girls can’t decide if they want shorts or pants.I think this pattern says yoga pants and maybe skirt.This is perfect for that someone who won’t wear it unless it’s new. Isn’t that hem beautiful. So this sheet will be lounge pants and a skirt I think is must. Sil tried one of my sheet skirts on today and loved it so I think she will get the skirt. A blouse would also look good in this. AHHHH choices choices. It is a full size so I think I shall have enough for a few things. We also stopped and had Ice Cream after our sheet buying and yes it was all finished before they got back in the car for someone who is reading this and thinking oh no.hehe. But wait since the day was soooo stressful I had to make this bag set.Love the colors.Matching wallet and tissue pack.The wallet is my own design as is the bag but I think the wallet may still need some tweaking but all in all I like it. It’s just that I carry so much shit stuff in there I need a big wallet. I think next time I may try having a zipper go all the way around. Any thoughts? I also will make the credit card slots a little wider but it was a learning experience and I’m fairly happy with it. So now I have a nice new handbag set for vacation. While I’m enjoying all this sewing therapy I hope no more is needed this week. Softball finally finished yesterday so that’s one less thing we need to do but I am almost done with my knitted sock. I was able to start it and almost finish it during this last tournament and another Mom was making one too so it was fun to sit there and knit while watching our girls. For those who love to read I just finished a great book called Knit 1 Kill 2. I can’t remember the author but I had ordered it through Barnes and Nobles and I really like it. Great story if you like to knit and read. I guess I better start thinking about doing some packing so I can squeeze in some more sewing before we leave. I already know what knitting projects I want to bring yes talk about priorities, but hey all my laundry is caught up and my house has been cleaned so I may actually be ahead.(yea right)